Seven Journaling Jots to Inspire You #Week 25

Ran into a snag last week...

My weekly personal note:

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Good afternoon,

I am grateful for the time to connect with you once again. Last week I ran into a project snag. I was building a new church website for my dad. I had intended to be mostly done by last Tuesday, but things didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

Sometimes projects require extra time and fortitude. I lost all my work and had to start all over from scratch and build on a completely new platform. I have just a few tiny things to finish up with that project, but for the most part, it’s pretty much finished.

I felt so grateful for God allowing me the ability and knowledge to do it for my dad. It’s definitely one of my trophy memories now. [Big grin]

I have attempted to start writing another devotional post this week. I have to say, I’m struggling a bit with getting my thoughts together on paper. The good news is that I have been feeling a bit better the last two days.

Next week, I finally have my scheduled doctor appointment. I do not know what all will transpire there. I do hope to find some answers to my health issues. One thing I know for sure… God is our Mighty Physician. With Him in control you and I do not need to fear our circumstances.

Whatever concerns you may have personally at this time, put all your trust in our Heavenly Father who loves you and cares for you!

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” - I Peter 5:7 kjv

Keep walking in faith,

Rhonda White

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” - Psalm 51:10 kjv

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7 Journal Jots: (Use these ideas for your own journal or ministry)

“If you keep your heart in the right place, you’ll have little trouble keeping a righteous perspective.” - Refreshing Daily in God’s Word, Aug. 2021 issue

“When God measures a person, He puts the tape measure around the heart, not the head.” - RDIGW, Aug. 2021 [“for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.” - I Samuel 16:7b]

Righteousness defined: [Greek] bring your life on the level with God’s Word. [Hebrew] that which is acceptable to God. (We should hunger and thirst after a life that is on the level with God’s Word — a life that is acceptable to God.)

The best day of SIN is the first day — because it all goes down hill after that.

How to Obtain HELP from God: 1. Be willing to put some things away in your life. 2. Prepare your heart. 3. Pray

We have SECURITY with God: No matter how many times Noah fell down in the Ark, he didn’t fall out!

*QUESTION? What are some areas that worldliness tends to creep into your life? How might you create better safeguards against worldliness? One quote that I wrote in my journal is: “Put God first and the world will flee from you.”